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For sale: a nice little earner…

For sale: a nice little earner…

With a keen eye for future classics, CAP’s been tracking transaction prices on a variety of wheels and has distilled a list to watch. Here’s our favourites:
Porsche Boxster Spyder (987) – The Spyder was introduced as the lightweight Boxster, with a manual fabric roof, fabric interior handles and several other weight-loss tricks. Both manual and PDK versions have performed well, but manual is top choice, with carbon fibre bucket seats, no stereo, and no air con.
The BMW 1M was introduced around the same time with just over 1,000 in right hand drive spec. Today, there are 279 on UK roads. Their rarity, combined with their fun factor, means that they are very sought after – they now fetch more than the original cost.
Vauxhall VX220 Turbo – built on the same line as the series two Lotus Elise, the VX220 represents a relatively inexpensive way into a lightweight, raw, RWD sports car. Values have been slowly increasing with the turbo being our choice over the naturally aspirated 2.2 litre.
Fiat Coupe Turbo – With an interior styled by Pininfarina, the Fiat Couple remains a timeless, design with enthusiast support. It’s hard to beat the launch colour (broom yellow) in terms of impact… 



Simon Wigg

22nd December 2018 3:21pm

Hi, I have a Landrover Discovery td5 ( reg T408WOO) can you do a remap on this car? Looking for somewhere local, we live in Dursley. Celtic offer a map but not so local Thank you Simon


Avon Tuning

24th December 2018 12:40pm

Hi Simon, We have sent you an email to the address provided. Regards, AT

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