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Know these rules?

Know these rules?

A police blitz is on the way. Don’t get caught. 

Texting at the wheel, doing 40 in a 30, ignoring your safety belt… we all know the obvious stuff.

But new research from GEM Motoring Assist this week highlights some of the odder ways to fall foul of the law…

And we thought we’d flag these because we’ve heard Britain’s police are about to begin a week-long blitz on speeders – with plenty of coppers hungry for bookings on bad behaviour.

Spokesman Neil Worth told Avon Tuning: “We encourage all road users to brush up their Highway Code knowledge and to ensure that they are not putting themselves at unnecessary risk of a ticket.”

So here are five less obvious situations where getting it wrong gets you clobbered:

  • Driving too close past a cyclist: the recommended distance is 1.5 metres.

Penalty: £100 fixed penalty ticket and three points.

  • Parking by a pedestrian crossing

Those zig-zag lines at pedestrian crossings are there for a reason, duh. 

Penalty: £100 fine and three penalty points.

  • Attaching a non-compliant number plate

Number-plates should show your vehicle registration number correctly. They must be made from a reflective material, and be black on white for the front and black on yellow for the rear. Strict rules apply concerning fonts, styles and letter sizes.

Penalty: a £100 non-endorsable ticket (though police data on prosecutions is laughably low).


  • Driving with a defective tyre
    The minimum tread depth is 1.6mm across the all-round central three-quarters of the tyre.

Penalty: a £100 fine and three points, while an under-inflated tyre can also learn points and a fine.


  • Sat-navs and dashcams obstructing your view
    Zone A of your windscreen (straight ahead) must not contain any obstruction measuring over 10mm wide. Zone B refers to the rest of the windscreen, where stickers and other obstructions must not measure more than 40mm. Tip: buy a sat-nav holder that anchors in an air vent. 

Penalty:  no ‘full view’ earns a £200 fine plus six points.

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