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BMW 3 Series E90 - 2005 > 2010 335i N54 - 306hp

Check BMW 3 Series E90 - 2005 > 2010 Stats

BMW 3 Series E90 - 2005 > 2010 tuning review

I took my low mileage 335i msport to Avon tuning for a stage 1 and noticed the difference straight away . Several months later and I still amazes me. The guys I spoke to via email initially then over the phone and in person were always friendly, knowledgeable & helpful. I have & will continue to recommend then 👍🏻👍🏻

- Brad Gerrish from Bristol 17/02/2017

Mercedes C - W204 - 2007 > 2010 C220 CDI - 170hp

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Mercedes C - W204 - 2007 > 2010 tuning review

My C220 had a inherent DPF issue and was becoming un driveable. I explained the symptoms in an email and the guys were all over it straight away. I booked an appointment for a DPF deletion and the EGR deletion at the same time. The results were astonishing, the car had covered 150K miles and I don't think it had performed properly for 90K of those. Like having a new car! First class service from the 1st contact onwards. The value for money with a lifetime guarantee on their work is fantastic. Can't recommend the service enough. Happy Days!!!

- Matt Craker from Bristol 17/02/2017

Ford Fiesta Mk7 - 2013 > 2017 1.0T Ecoboost - 140hp

Check Ford Fiesta Mk7 - 2013 > 2017 Stats

Ford Fiesta Mk7 - 2013 > 2017 tuning review

Got my Fiesta remapped and you can feel the difference, pulls so much better and no more flat spots

Cheers guys

- Oliver from Bristol 17/02/2017

Ford Mondeo - 2010 > 2014 2.2 TDCi - 200hp

Check Ford Mondeo - 2010 > 2014 Stats

Ford Mondeo - 2010 > 2014 tuning review

I have had three cars remapped now by the guys two Fords and a Beemer the service offered is friendly and courteous.
I could not believe the difference in performance of my cars after an Avon tuning visit, better economy, smoother drive and best of all more performance .First class job by the experts.

- Alan GEORGE from Bristol 17/02/2017

Land Rover Discovery > 2016 2.7 TDV6 - 190hp

Check Land Rover Discovery > 2016 Stats

Land Rover Discovery > 2016  tuning review

After such great success with one of my other cars I decided to treat my discovery which Had a problem with the egr so took it down to the lads at Avon tuning who sorted it rite out, more power more torque and better mpg, what more could you ask for and at such a reasonable price. Top work again lads.

- Rich foster from Chippenham 17/02/2017

BMW 3 Series E46 - 1998 > 2005 330d - 204hp

Check BMW 3 Series E46 - 1998 > 2005 Stats

BMW 3 Series E46 - 1998 > 2005 tuning review

Could not believe the difference in my car driving away from the workshop. Big increase in power response and fuel economy. I wouldn't use anybody else to remap my cars

- marv hagler from 17/02/2017

Vauxhall Astra J 09/2009 - 2015 1.7 CDTI - (2012 > ...) - 110hp

Check Vauxhall Astra J 09/2009 - 2015 Stats

Vauxhall Astra J 09/2009 - 2015 tuning review

I had been having issues with my Astra regarding the DPF on the car. Warning light had come on a couple of times and after a blast on the motorway, it went off, but the problem kept coming back. So I contacted the guys at Avon to enquire about having my DPF removed, they swiftly responded and gave me all the advice and information I needed.

Took the car to the guys on 19th January and had a DPF removal, EGR deletion and Stage 1 ECU remap. After a few difficulties getting my car to accept the modifications, the team stand longer to ensure it was done and working perfectly. Car is so much smoother to drive, throttle response is better and overall much happier with the car. Can't recommend these guys enough! Quality service in all aspects.

- Marti from Portsmouth 21/01/2017

Fiat 500 / 500c / 500L - 2015 > Abarth 595 Competizione - 180hp

Check Fiat 500 / 500c / 500L - 2015 > Stats

Fiat 500 / 500c / 500L - 2015 > tuning review

After the inspiration that reading customers testimonial's gave me to book my car in for a stage 1 remap I thought that I should do my bit for others looking for a very high quality of service.
Gareth and the team are exceptional, carrying all their work out to the highest standards and with their comprehensive knowledge you know you are going to leave feeling confident in their workmanship. Also with a big smile on your face!!!
If your looking, as I was, for a reputable workshop then I can honestly say this is the place to go.

- Jonny Smith from Bristol 16/11/2016

Ford Focus - 2004 > 2010 1.6 TDCi - 109hp

Check Ford Focus - 2004 > 2010 Stats

Ford Focus - 2004 > 2010 tuning review

Can't speak highly enough about the guys, my car was in for investigation on the Wednesday, they diagnosed the problem, I explained I need the car back on the Friday of the same week as I was going away, and all
I can say is they bent over backwards to get the car fixed, and I was back on the road in the Friday morning! Fantastic work guys, the car ran like dream! Highly recommended 5 star service

- Steve Moore from Bristol 30/10/2016

Toyota Avensis > 2014 2.2 D4d - 177hp

Check Toyota Avensis > 2014 Stats

Toyota Avensis > 2014 tuning review

i have been having problems with my car going into limp mode on a regular bases due to DPF filter problems and also my fuel mpg had dropped considerably from 39mpg to about 28mpg, i also had a replacement EGR valve replaced at a cost of £435.00 and received loads of wrong advise which has cost me over past 18 months, then i found Avon tunning where Gareth & James have sorted all my problems out within 3 hours, one week on from having work done my car is going so well now and achiving 39 mpg around town and 54mpg motorway driving @75 mph
removing DPF filter and remapping also blanking EGR valve has done the job.
i can't thank you enough gents. fantastic service.
best wishes to you all.

- andrew from chepstow 25/09/2016

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