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Honda Accord 2.2 i-DTEC - 150hp

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Honda Accord tuning review

I was looking for somewhere reputable to do a remap, EGR and DPF on my car. After trying to find somewhere local and decided I didn't want to take the risk as I've read horror stories of warning lights, cruise control issues, clutch slip (specifically for the accord) if the tuner isn't familiar on the model of car.

So instead drove 185 miles (in limp mode!) to Avon Tuning after reading countless praise online and speaking to Gareth over the phone.

This is the best thing I've done for My Accord, it feels like the car it always should of been. These guys really know their stuff and put my mind at ease and the service was brilliant.

Can't recommend Avon Tuning enough.

- Darren from Eastbourne 13/09/2016

Mercedes E-Class - W211 - 2006 > 2009 63 AMG - 514hp

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Mercedes E-Class - W211 - 2006 > 2009 tuning review

I don't normally write reviews but the service, quality and price at Avon Tuning is fantastic!
This is the second car I have taken there and I will definitely go back again.
Thanks guys!

- Richard Gait from Bristol 09/09/2016

BMW M5 F10 - 2011 > M5 V8 Bi-turbo - 560hp

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BMW M5 F10 - 2011 > tuning review

After reviewing and reading many blogs and reviews, I decided to use Avon tuning to Stage 1 tune my M5. I was a little nervous, but I need not be. They were very professional and even found an initial boost leak fault that they fixed as part of the service. The car runs like a smooth rocket both with its torque and HP gains. Wonderful and would highly recommend them. Thanks !!!

- Paul S from Bristol 07/09/2016

Jaguar XF 2007 - 2015 3.0D - 275hp

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Jaguar XF  2007 - 2015 tuning review

Great service from James and the team, had a DPF removal and stage 1 remap and My Cat is smoother though the gears and very quick from the off with an added bonus increased MPG of 6 around town and 15 on run. Thanks guy's I'll be back

- Alec from Bristol 26/08/2016

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