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Nissan Juke 1.6 T Nismo - 200hp

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Nissan Juke tuning review

Recently had the pleasure of having my car ecu remapped by Evolution tuning an agent of Avon Tuning. Jason was very polite and professional, had a lot of time to listen to my requirements on the remap and advised me on what I should do as to the map. The car was completely tested and smoke test completed. Found old code stored on ecu that my software did not. Dealt with this issue and retested the car. I've since done a lot of miles in the car with no issues. I've found the car to be even better to drive than before the map. A lot of time was taken with the service that I received. And would have no problem in recommending Evolution Tuning to anyone. I have to a couple of friends. A big thank you goes to Jason for excellent service and for making my car feel like a new car. Stage 1

- Stuart from nottingham 20/02/2018

Volkswagen Passat B6 2006 - 2010 2.0 TDI - 170hp

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Volkswagen Passat B6 2006 - 2010 tuning review

After spending ££££ on my passat and taking it to many different mecanics trying to solve my rough idle and smoke i came across avon tuning through the forums. Took the 85mile trip down, 4 hours later job done. Car runs perfect. Timing out and egr delete. I will be going back soon for a remap. Thanks again

- Ian from Dudley 15/02/2018

Mazda Mazda 3 05/2009 - 2013 2.2 MZR-CD - 150hp

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Mazda Mazda 3 05/2009 - 2013 tuning review

Had DPF problem with the car.Had a look around and gave Avon a call. Had the DPF removed and stage 1 remap. what a difference. The car is now so much quicker. More noticably between around 40-70 mph.The exhaust note is more raspy and sounds great. If you have this engine read up about the DPF problems,give the boys a call at Avon tuning and they can sort it.

- Sp from Somerset 10/02/2018

Mazda Mazda 6 2008 > 2012 2.2 MZR-CD - 163hp

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Mazda Mazda 6 2008 > 2012 tuning review

My Car was sluggish and I was sick of having to have the DPF cleaned out regularly when I found out about the DPF removal by Avon Tuning I jumped at the chance. With this done and the Stage 1 Upgrade my Mazda is now running at 200ps and it sounds so much and the power is crisp and so responsive it is unbelievable what you have done thanks Guys !!

- Richard Elson from Chippenham 10/02/2018

Skoda Octavia 2004 - 2012 2.0 TDI - 140hp

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Skoda Octavia 2004 - 2012 tuning review

Booked car in for a re-map and egr removal. Good waiting area and friendly staff. Very pleased with the work carried out.

- Schnook 1 from Wiltshire 07/02/2018

Volvo Penta D3 160 - 160hp

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Volvo Penta D3 tuning review

Gareth and the team at Avon Tuning couldn’t have been more helpful and friendly. They went out of their way to fit in with me and I cannot praise them enough.

They re-mapped my Volvo Penta 160 hp marine engine. It is now chucking out 190 hp – exactly as the website said it would. It’s gone from a top speed of 32 knots to 37 knots and it’s amazing how quickly it now gets up on the plane – took me by surprise at first, I nearly fell out the back!

I am so chuffed – really, really pleased!

- Sue Weston from Weston-Super-Mare 06/12/2017

Toyota Hi-Ace 2.5 D4D - 100hp

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Toyota Hi-Ace tuning review

The guys remapped my Hiace! Yes Hiace. Transformed the van to one that was much easier to drive. No more struggling up hills etc. I’ve recently sold the van but will be back soon with my new one👍

- Pete 100 %Heating from Bristol 03/11/2017

Volkswagen Golf V 2003 - 2008 2.0 TDI - 170hp

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Volkswagen Golf V 2003 - 2008 tuning review

If you have a BMN engine with problems, these are the guys to take it to. I have a VW Golf GT Sport TDI 170 Mk5 with cold start problems and billowing smoke from the exhaust. This car had been to VW main dealers and Indy VAG specialist (apparently) by the previous owner for the fault. 2 can shaft positioning sensors, 3 sets of injectors, 1 inlet manifold and 2 timing belts later, the fault was still there.
I picked the motor up cheap as the previous owner just wanted rid of it. Having been on the VAG forums, these guys were all over them for sorting problems out.
Yesterday my golf paid a visit to their workshop to find the timing was way out by miles, adjusted and health check on the golf and I am pleased to say that it has just flown through the MOT.
Thank you to all the guys at Avon Tuning, I cant express enough how knowledgeable and professional the guys are there. If you have a problematic VAG BMN engine like mine was, these are the guys to sort your issues out.
Again many thanks Avon Tuning.

- derision from Gloucester 01/11/2017

Volkswagen Jetta 2010 - 2013 2.0 TDi - 140hp

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Volkswagen Jetta 2010 - 2013 tuning review

Fantastic results!!! Had my car remap (stage 1) and EGR removed/delete 2 weeks ago. What a joy to drive my car again! Speed and power is there when you need it.

- abetpgutierrez from bristol,uk 09/09/2017

Mercedes E-Class - W212 - 2009 > 2013 220 CDI - 170hp

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Mercedes E-Class - W212 - 2009 > 2013 tuning review

Would like to say a big thank you to all the staff at Avon Tuning. The overall professionalism and experience of the team was gratefully received. I took my Mercedes in a extremely under powered and sorry state.... Came out after having DPF sorted and Stage 1 remap. Well what can I say!!!! The car is a beast. You can just feel the difference in the power and mid range torque. (Just have to keep an eye on speed). MPG is improved as well. Averaging on a 100 mile motorway trip at a reasonable speed returning 58,5mpg. Not bad for a 2011 95k 2.5 tonne estate. Would highly recommend and will be back in the future. Many thanks.

- Karl Hibbard from Bristol 12/08/2017

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