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Immobiliser Delete

Engine immobilisers were introduced in to most motor vehicles from about 1998 in order to reduce vehicle theft. The immobiliser system is an electronic system designed to prevent unauthorised starting of the vehicle i.e. theft. Early immobiliser systems were quite basic, however with technological advances in both computer and automotive design modern immobiliser systems have become more complex.

Immobiliser Removal

With our immobiliser delete service we are able to bypass the immobiliser system on a wide range of vehicles. Deleting the immobiliser system is common practise for many reasons:

  • A failing immobiliser system can prevent the vehicle from starting, immobiliser diagnosis and repair can be expensive, bypassing the immobiliser system is often a quicker and more cost effective solution.

  • Fitting a used ECU to a vehicle. Modern ECU’s need to be programmed / coded to a vehicle in order to synchronise the immobiliser system. Programming a second hand unit is not always possible, therefore carrying out an immobiliser delete will allow the ECU to be fitted to the vehicle on a plug and play basis. People carrying out engine conversions will often require an immobiliser delete.

  • Many motorsport bodies require the immobiliser system to be deactivated before the vehicle can be granted access to the track / course.

We use several different methods of defeating the immobiliser system, however the most common method is by reprogramming the EEPROM chip on the ECU. Immobiliser removal for most makes and models is only available at our HQ in Bristol and via a select few authorised dealers in the UK. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to help.

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