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Flashtec CMD Flash - OBD (Slave)


What’s supplied with your Avon Tuning Dealer package:

  • Flashtec CMD Flash OBD Remapping Tool
  • 12 month subscription for updates relating to new developments and additional vehicles
  • Full FREE Training at our specialist Avon Tuning head office in Bristol
  • A support network that is second to none who are always willing to help – not just with software instructions!

The CMD flash has a reputation as being the best and most stable tool on the market today. The vehicle list is not as vast as some of the other tools available, however CMD focus on bringing out the latest generation vehicles before other tools. CMD also offers a Virtual Read feature which is second to none, the VR option allows many tune protected ECU's to be programmed via the OBD port (no need to remove ECU and open). The best tool on the market for tuning new VAG vehicles. 

CMD flash can be upgraded to allow bench tuning via BDM or BOOT mode

£1500.00 + VAT