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We have an extensive network of national and international agents that are authorised to access and install our software. We invest heavily in this network; providing hands-on training and support to ensure that everyone can access Avon Tuning remaps at a convenient location.

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Every agent in our network has been carefully vetted and trained to ensure that they provide the same level of service as our own technicians. They also have direct access to the Avon Tuning team for ongoing technical support.

Our network currently provides extensive coverage of the UK and Europe, North America and Australia, with select locations in Asia, South America and Africa.

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Our agent network is a tight-knit community of 300+ businesses that share a passion for tuning – and the desire to deliver best-in-class remapping services to their local communities.

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If you’re interested in joining our network, get in touch. We are always on the lookout for enterprising individuals with an enthusiasm for impeccable service.

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A key leader in the remapping space, we’re ideally placed to help you expand your offering, and tap into the growing demand for high-performance maps.

Joining our agent network gives you access to pioneering maps for most makes and models of car; fine-tuned at our 5,000 sq ft. tuning HQ in Tockington, South Gloucestershire.

We also provide the equipment, training and support needed to deliver a remapping service that will win you lifetime loyalty and a steady stream of satisfying work.

We’re here to help you establish yourself as a credible remapping specialists – with access to the skills, tools and support needed to deliver a world-class service.

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