Dimsport Rapid Tuning Modules

We are an authorised distributor for Dimsport Rapid Tuning Modules which offer arguably the finest and most advanced tuning modules within the industry. Rapid tuning modules offer a great alternative to ECU remapping and can offer impressive gains in both power and torque.

A Rapid tuning module works by manipulating the ECU output and input signals, resulting in a modified injection quantity and timing, and in some cases boost pressure. Tuning modules are often used as a tuning solution when no protocols exist for remapping the ECU or if a customer is looking for a physical tuning solution which can be installed or de-installed without specialist equipment.

Stripe Image - Tuning Modules
Box Image 1 - Tuning Modules

A Rapid tuning boasts the following features:

  • Increased power and torque
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • DIY fitment
  • Can be removed or deactivated quickly
  • Available for most diesel vehicles
  • Available for some petrol vehicles
  • Suitable for commercial and agricultural vehicles
  • Fully adjustable
  • Bespoke calibrations available
  • Remote on / off switch can be installed on some applications

Dimsport have been designing and manufacturing tuning solutions for over 20 years, they provide a range of products for professional tuners, such as; ECU Remapping equipment, tuning software, add on tuning modules, rolling roads, and many more. Dimsport is a global company with installation centres found in almost every corner of the globe, we are proud to be an authorised distributor.

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