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Avon Tuning is proud to be the sole UK and Ireland distributor for the Dimsport range of dynamometers. We are responsible for the sales, installation, training and support of the Dimsport dyno product line. Dimsport has been at the front line of the electronic tuning industry for over 25 years and is responsible for creating some of the very best ECU programming equipment and software along with a wide range of dynos suitable for a variety of industry sectors. Below is some information on the most popular dynos offered by Dimsport.

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DF2IS – 2wd Inertia Dyno for Cars & Light Commercial Vehicles

2wd Inertia Dyno for Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles

This is a very simple dyno which makes it very easy to use and setup, however it has some limitations when testing high powered vehicles. Perfect for Stage 1 before and after tests, power runs and data logging cars up to 400 - 500 hp. Testing cars over this power is certainly possible, however the accuracy of the results cannot be guaranteed.

DF2FS – 2wd Braked Dyno for Cars & Light Commercial Vehicles

DF2FS – 2wd Braked Dyno for Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles

This dyno uses an eddy brake to control the acceleration rate of the vehicle, thus giving the operator a wider range of testing options. Testing cars up to 1000 hp is possible, however preventing wheel slip on cars over 700 hp will always be challenging on cradle roller dynos.

DF4FSHLS - 4wd Braked & Linked Dyno for Cars & Light Commercial Vehicles

DF4FSHLS - 4wd Braked and Linked Dyno for Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles

Incredibly robust cradle roller design with a hydraulic linkage system, very reliable with multiple testing options. It can be run in 2wd mode or 4wd mode, 4wd linked or non-linked. Select whether to load the front eddy or the rear eddy or load both together. The extra-long version allows vehicles with a wheelbase of up to 3.5 m to be tested (e.g. VW T6 LWB). In ground or above ground installation options available. Just like the DF2FS testing up to and over 1000 hp is no issue if you can stop the wheels from spinning.

DF2TR – Tractor Dyno

Tractor Dyno

Equipped with a load cell design which is simple yet effective makes the DF2TR the most affordable PTO dyno on the market today. This dyno is capable of measuring the power and torque on a range of agricultural vehicles up to 330 hp and 6700 nm at the PTO. Dimsport also offer a double braked version which is capable of measuring up to 660 hp.

Please see below a complete list of dynos offered by Dimsport.

Cars & LCV’s

  • DF2I – 2wd Inertia Dyno
  • DF2IS – 2wd Inertia Dyno (High Inertia Flywheel)
  • DF2FS – 2wd Braked Dyno
  • DF4IS – 4wd Inertia Dyno
  • DF4FS – 4wd Braked Dyno
  • DF4FSHLS – 4wd Braked Dyno (Hydraulically linked)
  • DF4AR – 4wd Braked Dyno (Single roller design linked with drive shaft)

Cars & LCV’s


  • DF4T – Triple Axle Dyno with one Braked Axle (Front and rear axle Hydraulically Linked)
  • DF2T-D – Quad Axle Dyno with two Braked Axles (North American Market)
  • DFAT –Triple Axle Dyno with two braked axles (Construction Vehicles)


  • DF2TR – Single braked PTO Dyno
  • DF4TR – Double braked PTO Dyno
  • DF2TR-TR – Single braked PTO Dyno (Trailer Version)



  • DFMTF – Braked bike Dyno (Single roller design)

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