Transform Your Boat Or PWC

From a simple 2-stroke outboard to a 6 cylinder Volvo Penta, most marine engines are managed by an ECU or engine control unit.

This palm-sized device uses software called a “map” to optimise engine performance; reading data from hundreds of sensors throughout your engine and making split-second decisions about power distribution, air/fuel ratios, injection timing or fuel pressure to ensure that your speed boat, jet ski or yacht perform according to the manufacturer’s specifications.


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Unfortunately, the software that ships with most marine ECUs isn’t designed to get the most out of your engine. Manufacturers like Mercury, Sea-Doo, MAN and Volvo Penta produce engines that need to run well in a variety of different boats – and a dizzying array of different environments.

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They need engines that are tuned to perform equally well in the humid conditions typical of subtropical Bali, the dry heat of Abu Dhabi and the cooler environs of the North Atlantic.

Manufacturers also need to be sure that their engines are optimised to produce acceptable GPH figures in a variety of different vessels, and while maps are often tweaked for specific boats, manufacturers rarely invest the time and energy needed to eke every last drop of power out of your boat or marine vehicle.

Remapping Will Unlock Your Boat's True Potential

Working out of our 19,000 sq ft. tuning HQ in Tockington, South Gloucester, we draw on the combined expertise of a diverse team to write some of the industry’s finest maps.

We also have an international network of 300+ authorised agents who are trained to install our remaps.

Choose The Experts

Every boat or PWC is unique, which is why it’s important to choose a tuning workshop that’s driven to develop bespoke solutions – capable of eking out every iota of untapped potential.

As one of the UK and Europe’s foremost tuning specialists, we’re capable of planning upgrades that account for the specifics of your boat. For our team of specialists, every remap or hardware upgrade is an opportunity to push the envelope.

Experienced Marine Tuning Specialists

We have an established reputation as one of the UK’s leading tuning and remapping specialists. While it’s true that we built this reputation by building best-in-class remaps for performance cars and other road vehicles, we’re still well-equipped to tune and remap the overwhelming majority of petrol and diesel marine engines.

In fact, our in-house technicians thoroughly enjoy the process of programming safe, reliable and effective remaps for engines with wildly different power and torque curves, timings and safe operating temperatures.

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When we sit down to write a marine engine remap, we spend a lot of time analysing the specific requirements of a given hull/engine combination; mapping tolerances, looking at ideal power curves and working out how we can eke out more performance without pushing the engine too hard – or compromising the reliability of your vessel. We also spend a lot of time fine-tuning to ensure that we maximise your torque and MHP, fuel economy, throttle response and general drivability.

Box Image 2 - Marine Remapping
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Safe & Reliable Inboard Engine Remapping

Remapping twinned inboard engines isn’t a task to be undertaken lightly. Even the smallest Yamaha 3JH40 has to cope with significant loads, and any tinkering has to be very sympathetic to the manufacturer’s stated tolerances.

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Remapping twinned inboard engines also requires a sound understanding of power delivery and a good grasp of the optimal temperatures needed to keep a given engine running at peak efficiency but if you have the time, expertise and skills required to write a good map, there are often significant advantages to be gained.

For larger marine vessels like yachts, speed boats, smaller runabouts or jet skis we offer a bespoke inboard remapping and tuning service that’s designed to give you:

More power Increased top speed More torque Better throttle response Improved drivability

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Effective Outboard Remapping

People often assume that outboards are primitive and simplistic, but both 2 and 4 stroke outboard motors have come a long way in recent years. The overwhelming majority of modern engines are regulated by complex ECUs (or electronic control units) that are very similar to the devices found in motorbike engines.

Stripe Image - Marine Remapping
Box Image 1 - Marine Remapping

These devices use software maps to regulate everything from fuel pressure to the default air/fuel mix that’s being injected into your engine and the quality of a map can make a huge difference to the way that your engine runs.

Box Image 2 - Marine Remapping

In fact, maps are often the only difference between high and low performing models in the same product line. The Yamaha 200 SHO, 225 SHO, 250 SHO and F300 are all identical engines with identical hardware, but they run different maps that are designed to up- or down-regulate performance according to the manufacturer’s preferences.

By re-writing the default map that governs your engine, we can tweak your outboard’s power curves, improve throttle response and up the torque available at low RPMs to give you more pull away power.

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A Proven Remapping Process

Remapping a marine engine can be relatively complicated, but we’ve spent the last 10 years perfecting a process that allows us to upgrade your ECU in a matter of hours. We’ll visit your marina, dock or boat-shed, plug our computers into your vessel’s diagnostic port and download the information we need to write a brand new map designed to transform your engine.

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Once we’ve uploaded this map to your ECU, we’ll take a copy of your ECU’s default map and upload it to our database so that you have the option of restoring it at a later date. We’ll also perform validation tests to ensure that our map will deliver the promised results and you’ll be able to sail off into the sunset; content in the knowledge that your pride and joy is now optimised for peak performance.

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