In an exclusive interview for Avon Tuning, Simon Hacker talks good and bad wrap with the maestro himself, TV's Yianni Charalambous.

Q How did you become the go-to name for car wrapping?

If you wrap celebrities cars you get very well known on social media very quickly - you get out to the masses. So once you do a football player's car or someone from One Direction, everyone has heard of you. I have done all of JLS' cars, all of One Direction, Gordon Ramsay, Didier Drogba, Sergio Ageuro, Rupert Grint (to name a few).

Q Why is wrapping growing so much?

Wrapping in the last 10 years has gone massively mainstream, there wasn't that many wrap companies when I set up, but now they are everywhere. The issue is, people think if you own a wrap company you're going to wrap nothing but Lamborghinis, but it's not that easy. However people don't want to change their cars all the time, so if you have a white car and you want to change it to a black car, you'd have to sell your car, you'll lose X amount of money on your car, then when you buy your new car you'll lose out again. Now you can spend £2,000 or £3,000, change the colour of your car in 3-5 days and then when you get bored, put it back to the original, it's a lot quicker, cost effective and it protects the vehicle.

Q Come on, name drop some of the badges in your workshop...

I am fortunate enough that we have worked with some ridiculous cars. We work with Lambos and Ferraris on a daily basis - but we have had a Pagani Huayra hypercar. A McLaren P1... we've wrapped Rolls Royces, a Bugatti Veyron - any car you can imagine, we have had in the workshop, you don't even see some of these cars on the road, so it's amazing to see them turn up in the workshop to be wrapped.

Q What's the worst customer order?

The toughest car is a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon - it's very boxy and the panels don't come off very well and you have hinges, so you cannot access certain panels to get the vinyl in, so either a G-Wagon or a Defender.

Q And your own daily ride?

I have a few cars, but the two cars everyone knows me for is my Range Rover which is wrapped in Satin Black and my Lamborghini which is also wrapped in the same, so I have uniformed both colours - if you see them around, everyone knows they are mine!

Q And something for the weekend, sir?

My Range Rover is my daily, but my Lamborghini is usually what I would drive on a weekend.

Q Any advice for Avon Tuners who want to make their car look different on a budget?

I wouldn't buy vinyl from China or Japan! It's a cheaper vinyl and it won't last. Personally I would say save until you can afford to get it done by a proper company but maybe start with little things, so wrap your roof or wing mirrors just so it changes the look of the car initially - rather than having a full wrap. You can change the look of your car for £200-£300, but if you want a full wrap it'll be over £2000.

Q And finally, what's the worst wrap you've ever seen?

I saw a velvet Ferrari driving around in London! When it got wet, it looked like a cat. It rains a lot in London... so it was obviously going to look like a big fur ball!

Yianni: Supercar Customiser debuts this week on UKTV channel Dave. We wish him well!