We all know how frustrating it is driving a vehicle which has been speed limited, not only this it can be very dangerous when trying to overtake slow moving traffic.

We are seeing Limiters being applied to lots of vehicles and much lower than the legal speed limit. Why we hear you ask. The main application of Speed Limiters are done by the purchasers or fleet managers of companies with a large amount of vehicles meaning that 15/20 mph less equates to a massive fuel saving over the year. Of course this is not so applicable to the individual owner drivers out there that need the most out of the vehicle chewing through the motorway miles. 

Here at Avon Tuning we use genuine main dealer diagnostic equipment and therefore are able to offer all services that the main dealer can, including Speed Limiter Removal. Our IDS system with the latest VCM2 hardware allows us to apply or remove the speed limiter from nearly all Ford vehicles, including the Transit and Transit Connect, for a fraction of the cost of the main dealer.