We've been expecting you, Ford Focus...

It's been a full-throttle week for news, with plenty of stories you need to know if you call yourself a clued-up car nut.

First up, Ford's got a new Focus, promising roomier, sportier life on the road, from a very lean £17,930. Despite the daring omission of a badge the size of a bin lid, it looks fresh and interesting, even if it'll soon be part of your daily wallpaper. Vindaloo ST options will be here from kick-off in August but you'll need to wait till 2020 for the phall-strength RS.

Ford's press release seems to indicate they've got Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen in on the design: "A palette of thirteen exterior colours includes Orange Glow, Desert Island Blue and Vignale-exclusive four-coat Dark Mulberry" and there are "sophisticated jewellery elements" and even a "deco-spear". Best jargon for the debut however, has to be "human-centric design philosophy."

Marketing spiel aside, prepare for a cracking car. Toys to intimidate VW dealers include an embedded modem, wifi and wireless charging, lights that are camera-guided to predict curves in the road and pay special attention to road signage, lane centring and state-of-the-art steering that takes over to avoid sudden obstructions. It even applies the brakes AFTER an accident to prevent the car rolling off into another hazard.

Speaking of shunts, the safety supremos at IAM RoadSmart have just drawn up a revised list of the top reasons for driving up the exhaust of the car in front. Yes, we know, it's all very boring being lectured by health and safety experts, but maybe their points should be taken on board - and you might be saving more than dented pride. They are: smoking and vaping, staring at your sat nav, snacking, playing loud music and twiddling with your knobs (in all senses). Just stop it now, okay?

In other news, Subaru is celebrating a sales surge of 5.5% so far this year, which we applaud as a driving future without Subarus is like Ant without Dec.

Finally, here's your summer holidays sorted: Jaguar Land Rover is trumpeting a three-year partnership at the state-of-the-art interactive experience, 007 Elements. JLR, whose cars have featured in Bond films since 1983, is now an official partner to 007 Elements, which is an interactive theatre experience at the top of the 3,050-metre Gaislachkogl peakin Sölden, Austria. Visitorsplunge into the world Mr Bond in the new mountain-top location next to the ice Q restaurant (which was the Hoffler Klinik in Spectre). The experience opens this July and displays JLR technical content along with those Bond extras we love: the Land Rover Defender and Range Rover Sport SVR.