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Ford Fiesta Mk7 - 2013 > 2017 1.0T Ecoboost - 125hp

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Ford Fiesta Mk7 - 2013 > 2017 tuning review

OMG! Just had my Fiesta 1.0L ecoboost remapped at Avon Tuning what a difference of the get up and go of it now it has been totally transformed I'm well impressed. Nice friendly service and a place to chill watch TV and help yourself to drinks while you wait. Top established.. Thanks again

- Simon from Bristol 25/11/2019

Volkswagen Polo 6R 2009 - 2014 1.6 TDi - 105hp

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Volkswagen Polo 6R 2009 - 2014 tuning review

After a few years of running the Polo the Engine management light kept coming on,then coil light flashing and car failing to start, plugged it in to a friend's reader and it said DPF pressure switch.....So took the plunge and booked it into Avon tuning for DPF removal and EGR blank ( for off road use only of course)....
Dropped it off,and was given a very nice courtesy car and left them to it.
On collection of my car,it turns out the DPF had already been removed,and the EGR had been blanked,but whoever did it had done a bodge job on the engine management software .....Avon tuning sorted it out and my Polo hasn't missed a beat since....
I cannot praise Avon tuning enough.They could easily have charged me for DPF and EGR removal,I would have paid up as I hadn't a clue it had been done.What a first class firm, totally honest..... highly recommend.

- Lissy Morgan from Caerwent South Wales 20/11/2019

Audi A3 8P Mk2 - 2008 > 2012 2.0 TDI cr - 170hp

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Audi A3 8P Mk2 - 2008 > 2012 tuning review

After constantly having DPF regen issues, booked in with Avon Tuning to have the DPF removal and EGR done as well. I cannot praise them enough. The work carried out was excellent and there knowledge and ability to answer any queries showed there knowledge of there work. Very happy customer here. Don't hesitate....take it to these professionals you will not be disappointed !!!

- Ryan from South Wales 15/11/2019

Ford Transit - 2012 > 2016 2.2 TDCi - 125hp

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Ford Transit - 2012 > 2016 tuning review

Had a dpf problem sorted out and a stage one remap on my transit today,brilliant service from these guys can throughly recommend them

- John Newton from Wiltshire 17/10/2019

Mercedes E-Class - W212 - 2013 > 2016 400 - 333hp

Check Mercedes E-Class - W212 - 2013 > 2016 Stats

Mercedes E-Class - W212 - 2013 > 2016 tuning review

Just received back my 3.5l e400 coupe following a stage 1 re-map. Power 334 to 398 and significant increase in torque 483 to 618. Similar sensible throttle control and feel under normal driving but a different animal all together when you start to push it.

AT also sorted an uncleared message in the log which should have been picked up by the main dealer at my last service.

Wolf in sheep’s clothing, great job - thanks!

- Cyth0n2 from Bristol 13/09/2019

Mercedes C - W204 - 2007 > 2010 C250 CDI - 204hp

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Mercedes C - W204 - 2007 > 2010 tuning review

Fanastic company, all businesses should operate like these fella's. Had a stage 1 remap and can'tbe more pleased with the results. Brilliant customer service.

- Colin Pritchard from Bristol 07/08/2019

Volkswagen Amarok 2010 - 2016 2.0 TDI CR - 180hp

Check Volkswagen Amarok 2010 - 2016 Stats

Volkswagen Amarok 2010 - 2016 tuning review

I had a stage 1 remap on my Amarok, I wasn’t really after better performance, I was looking for better fuel efficiency, I got both. I am very happy with the result, it is like a different truck. The team at Avon Tuning were a pleasure to deal with from start to finish you couldn’t ask for better customer service.

- Simon Brady from South Gloucestershire 24/05/2019

BMW 3 Series E90 - 2005 > 2010 325i N53 - 218hp

Check BMW 3 Series E90 - 2005 > 2010 Stats

BMW 3 Series E90 - 2005 > 2010 tuning review

After a lot of research for mapping the bmw, i chose to go with avon tuning, with a high recommendation from a friend as well. Absolutely no regrets! Right from the moment of contacting them, awesome customer service. Spent the day there as i opted for the dyno service along with the stage 1 remap and every effort was spent getting the map spot on. The map has made such a difference to the car, more responsive, quicker and just a better drive all around! I travelled from Cardiff and i could not recommend these guys enough! 100% the place to go if you are looking for the best experience and service from a tuning company.

- Tom Perriam from Cardiff 11/05/2019

Hyundai i-30 2010 > 2016 1.6 CRDi - 110hp

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Hyundai i-30 2010 > 2016  tuning review

Fantastic! car feels so much better now! really happy!

- J.D from 01/05/2019

Mazda Mazda 3 05/2009 - 2013 2.2 MZR-CD - 150hp

Check Mazda Mazda 3 05/2009 - 2013 Stats

Mazda Mazda 3 05/2009 - 2013 tuning review

Thanks Avon tuning its been a year since you done some dpf work and a stage 1 remap on my Mazda 3 .it still drives brilliantly and doesn’t miss a beat . I would recommend you to anyone . I will definitely be back in the future

- John from Somerset 29/04/2019

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