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Frequently ranked as one of the UK’s 3rd-favourite marque, BMW have a well-deserved reputation for producing peerless luxury cars that are incredibly fun to drive.

Precision-built for uncompromising performance, vehicles in The M range are known for pushing the boundaries of technical excellence, while cars like the vaunted F34 are widely prized for their superior build quality, power and sharp handling.

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The new 420d is widely regarded as one of the most agile coupes on the market and even newer, plug-in hybrid models like the 225xe are lauded for their refined drive and comfortable ride.

In short, BMW make cars for people who love driving and they’re one of the few manufacturers who’ve always innovated to improve responsiveness, agility and power. But no BMW is perfect.

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In fact, the overwhelming majority of BMWs roll out of the factory with a surfeit of untapped potential. This is partly because BMW deliberately de-tune their cars; writing software that throttles their torque and power to ensure consistent performance in every region the brand sells to – from the tropics right through to the coldest reaches of Norway or Sweden.

But it’s also because BMW - like so many modern manufacturers - practice something called modular vehicle design. This is where chassis, engines and other components are shared across a range of different vehicles, which are then differentiated from each other via the application of unique engine management software.

Why Remap Your BMW?

Like a lot of modern manufacturers, BMW factory-detunes a lot of their cars by installing sub-standard or un-optimised maps.

This practice helps BMW keep their manufacturing costs down. It also allows them to produce an extensive range of highly-specialised vehicles – well suited to a range of different applications. But it does also mean that some of their cars could perform much better than their factory software permits.

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The F20 114i is a great example. This nippy little car is often seen as the baby of the 1 series range, but it’s actually built using the same 1.6l turbocharged petrol engine as the much beefier 116i. With a few small tweaks, you can make an F20 114i run more like it’s bigger (and much more expensive) cousin and the same is true of a great many models in the BMW range.

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To help you unlock your car’s full potential, we offer a specialist BMW remapping service – designed to help you boost the power, torque and drivability of your car by re-writing the software that manages your engine control unit (ECU).

For those not in the know, that’s the tiny, palm-sized computer that’s responsible for keeping tabs on your air/fuel ratios, camshaft position, engine temperature, and accelerator position so that it can make split-second decisions about your ignition timing, fuel pressure and other - equally important -variables that affect the way your car runs.

Drawing on over a decade of hard-won experience with BMW engines, we can plug into your car’s diagnostic port and tweak the way this computer reacts to important stimuli: Improving your torque curve, adjusting your ignition timing and fine-tuning air/fuel ratios to give you more power and torque without pushing your engine too hard – or compromising your vehicle’s reliability.

We can also smooth out any flat spots, improve throttle response, widen your power band and unlock more torque at the bottom of your rev range – making your BMW faster off the line and improving drivability at low speeds.

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What Are The Benefits Of A BMW Remap?

For models with a petrol engine, a good remap will completely change the way your vehicle drives. It’ll feel faster, more responsive and significantly more powerful. For BMW’s with a diesel engine, you can expect all the same improvements plus - in some cases - a small improvement to fuel efficiency (MPG).

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We’ve been remapping BMWs for over a decade now. We write our own (fully-bespoke) remaps for every model and engine combo in the brand’s catalogue and our in-house technicians know exactly how to fine-tune a BMW engine to maximise its performance, and create an incredible experience for drivers behind the wheel.

Transform Your BMW

Performance gains vary according to the exact model and engine you own, so use the lookup table on our site to find precise figures for your vehicle or get in touch today. A member of our team will be more than happy to help you work out what to expect from a BMW remap.

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