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A British institution, Jaguar produces some of the finest modern sports cars that money can buy. Sleek, sophisticated and undeniably-refined coupés like the F-Type R can go toe-to-toe with pedigree supercars like the V8 Vantage, and saloons like the 4-cylinder 8MY XE offer a viable alternative to the mainstream executive models produced by Germany’s big three.

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Even older models like the 2009 XFR provide respectable performance and excellent handling at a reasonable cost, but it’s not all about high-octane motoring. Ever since they were acquired by Tata Motors back in Q2 2008, Jaguar have been building some of the finest luxury SUVs available on today’s market.

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They’re also innovating in the electric vehicle space; launching a varied lineup of I- E- and F-Pace SUVs that are widely lauded for their excellent performance, utility and handling.

All things considered, Jaguar is a thoroughly modern marque with an impressive heritage and a well-deserved reputation for producing refined vehicles with a palpable pedigree.

But there’s always some room for improvement. By making careful and considered tweaks to the software that manages your Jaguar’s engine, we can eke out additional horsepower and torque, smooth out flat spots and improve your throttle response to provide a more responsive and enjoyable drive.

This is all offered as part of a bespoke Jaguar remapping and tuning service that we’ve been honing for well over a decade now; working with a team of talented in-house technicians and file writers to squeeze every drop of power out of your vehicle’s engine. To see what we could do for your Jaguar, pick your model and model variant from the lookup tool below.

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Will My Jaguar Benefit From A Remap?

Assuming that you’re driving a Jaguar manufactured post-2007, a remap will yield a significant boost to your available torque and horsepower. Assuming that you opt to work with a reputable and experienced remapping specialist, you should also see a significant improvement in the general drivability and responsiveness of your car.

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This is because Jaguar - like most modern manufacturers - factory detune a lot of their cars to artificially limit their performance. There are a couple of key reasons for this: Firstly, Jaguar services approximately 127 countries, with diverse climates and incredibly variable conditions.

The engine management software in a car like the 2015 XE could easily be fine-tuned to eke out another 30 hp, but in doing so, Jaguar may compromise reliability in an incredibly cold environment (like the Ural mountains) – or reduce performance in hot, dry environments like the deserts of northern China.

Jaguar have to ensure that all of their vehicles meet uniform reliability and performance standards, detuning is often the most sensible way of finding the right compromise and ensuring that their brand’s reputation for reliability isn’t jeopardised.

Like all Tata Motor marques, Jaguar also practise something called modular design. This is a cost-cutting exercise that sees car manufacturers re-using a single chassis or engine across multiple models in a lineup; allowing them to bulk-buy certain parts and keep their manufacturing processes simple.

Generally speaking, low-end models will then be factory-detuned to ensure that the more expensive or luxurious models in a given range have better stats – and can justifiably command a higher price point.

As an example, you’ll find the same 1,999cc displacement) AJ200D engine in all 2015-present, 2.0 litre XEs, E-Paces and F-paces – despite differing performance stats for all three cars. 

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How Does Jaguar Remapping Work?

Your Jaguar’s engine is controlled by a palm-sized computer called an electronic control unit or ECU. This computer takes data from sensors scattered throughout your car, processes it, and then makes decisions about the way your car’s engine should be behaving. 

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By making a series of calculated modifications to the database tables that your ECU uses to make these decisions, we can unlock previously-untapped reserves of power; removing any artificial limitations that have been placed on your system, and tweaking database tables to improve the overall performance of your vehicle. 

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Thanks to our long-standing experience with JLR engines, our technicians will also be able to help you fine-tune torque curves, improve throttle response and widen your power band so that you have more control over your car at lower RPMs – improving the drivability of your Jaguar.

For performance coupés like the XK (X150), we can also help you swap out any hardware that’s known to limit your car’s performance – upgrading exhaust systems, intakes and brakes to ensure that you’re realising your car’s full potential, and enjoying everything it has to offer.

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