Cobra Exhausts 

Based in Sheffield, Cobra design and manufacture high-quality exhaust systems for the overwhelming majority of modern car marques. Over the past fifty years, they've developed a reputation for building systems that perform incredibly well, and land at a reasonable price point; allowing enthusiasts of every stripe to upgrade their car's potential.

Cobra exhausts are also known to be some of the most durable and long-lasting exhausts on the market; built using 304 grade stainless steel. This alloy has a high nickel and chromium content (containing approx. 8 - 10.5% nickel and 18 - 20% chromium).

This gives cobra exhausts excellent corrosion resistance, and ensures that they can withstand the high temperatures created by your car's exhaust gases.

The brand's attention to detail is worthy of note too: Where most exhaust manufacturers opt to join two metal parts using a metal inert gas (MIG) weld, Cobra use tungsten inert gas (or TIG) welds. This process is more complicated and time consuming, but it yields cleaner, stronger joints that can stand up to a significantly higher degree of wear and tear.

We Offer A Complete Cobra Exhaust Fitting Service

We can source and install the full range of cobra exhaust systems - including cat- and turbo-back options for most Audis, BMWs and Mercedes, select Fords and a handful of high-performance Nissans like the GT-R or 350Z.

We have a good working relationship with Cobra and our engineers have years of hands-on experience with the brand's exhaust systems so you can be confident that you'll get meticulous service that sets you up for years of trouble-free motoring.

If you're thinking about upgrading your car with a Cobra exhaust system, get in touch today. We'd be more than happy to book you into our 5,000 sq ft tuning HQ - located just outside the village of Tockington in South Gloucester. Alternatively, one of the specialist exhaust fitters in our network of 200+international agents will be able to accommodate you. Just use our agent finder to locate your nearest fitting specialist.

Why Cobra Exhausts?

As mentioned above, Cobra produce some of the most durable and long-lasting exhaust systems on the market. But it's not all about that famous Sheffield steel. We also find ourselves recommending Cobra products to clients because they are optimised for peak performance and have the potential to significantly improve your drive.

Take, for example, the bends in a Cobra exhaust system. Where some manufacturers opt for crush-bent bends that are cheap to manufacture but ultimately restrict the movement of exhaust gases, Cobra exhaust systems always feature mandrel bends.

Made by inserting a brass tube(or mandrel) into the exhaust pipe before it's bent, these mandrel bends are smooth and wrinkle-free - ensuring that your entire exhaust system maintains a uniform internal diameter that maximises gas flow, and improves engine performance.

There's an aesthetic argument to be made for Cobra exhaust systems too. Everything they produce is finished to a high standard, and their exhausts can always be fitted with a choice of polished T304 or 'blackout' ceramic tailpipes that will elevate the look of our vehicle, and provide additional protection from thermal corrosion.

Cobra Turbo-Back Exhausts

Most exhaust manufacturers break their systems down into two distinct categories; turbo-back and cat-back. Turbo back systems generally replace everything from the turbo back to your tailpipe, while cat-back systems replace a shorter run of pipe - between your engine's catalytic converter and the tailpipe.

Generally speaking, turbo-back systems deliver more noticeable performance gains because they remove common bottlenecks and allow exhaust gases to move away from your engine more efficiently, and Cobra's turbo-back systems are no exception.

These systems replace all the original or stock mufflers and pipework, the factory-standard catalytic converters and your resonator - ensuring that power gains generated by opening up one section of exhaust aren't stifled by a chokepoint somewhere else in your car's stock system.

Normally, Cobra's turbo-back systems are supplied with a sports/performance cat or de-catted for offroad use. You'll also need to remap your engine to make full use of the performance gains provided by these systems (your check engine light may come on if you don't) but that's something we're well-placed to help with.

Cobra Cat-Back Exhausts

Cat-back exhausts replace a smaller section of your exhaust system, but still drive a significant uptick in performance. This is because they remove or replace a number of common chokepoints with significantly up-rated parts, as well replacing your stock pipe with wider and stronger exhaust pipe that's much better optimised.

Some Cobra cat-back systems are said to deliver up to a 10% increase in engine performance but it's worth noting that these are figures supplied by Cobra themselves, rather than something we've independently verified in our workshop.

Cobra cat-back systems also significantly improve your exhaust note and give your car a much more aggressive/sporty sound. Cobra state that they strive to create a subtle exhaust note that sounds powerful without being overly brash, but it's worth noting that they supply both resonated and non-resonated exhausts so there should be something to suit every driver in their range.

Need Help Selecting A Cobra Exhaust?

Selecting the right type of exhaust system can be daunting - particularly if you're not familiar with the specialist terminology used to describe the products in Cobras line up. If you're struggling to navigate Cobra's selection of exhaust systems or want some in-depth advice from the experts, get in touch. One of our technicians will be more than happy to talk you through the best choices - based on the exact make and model of car you're looking to upgrade.

We can also help you order and fit a cobra exhaust system, remap your vehicle to take full advantage of upgraded hardware or suggest further modifications designed to help you capitalise on your car's full potential.