MillTek Exhaust Systems 

Operating from a large R&D facility in Derby, Milltek design and manufacture some of the best exhaust systems available on today's market. Most of their products are machined from 304L (aircraft grade) stainless steel that's both lighter and more durable than the standard exhaust systems found on most cars.

Milltek also manufacture a variety of specialist cat- and turbo-back systems for the overwhelming majority of marques and models, as well as a range of cutting-edge silencers and noise-control units that have made them the go-to exhaust specialist for most BMW, Audi, Ford and Mercedes drivers.

But it's their sound understanding of audio technology that really sets Milltek apart. Their silencers, baffles and muffles are all tuned to provide a refined purr that'll provoke envy from any car enthusiast, Even their non-resonated systems.

Supply & Install Services For All Milltek Exhausts

Here at Avon Tuning, we can supply and fit any Milltek exhaust system. Our engineers have a lot of experience with their products and we have a fantastic working relationship with the brand - allowing us to access hands-on help and support for particularly complex projects.

If you're looking to upgrade your vehicle with a Milltek exhaust system, get in touch today. We'd be more than happy to accommodate you at our 5,000 sq ft. tuning HQ in Tockington, where we have a comfortable and well-appointed waiting room for you to enjoy while we work on your vehicle - or a courtesy car if you'd prefer to head into town while we fit your Milltek exhaust systems.

If you're further afield, we can also put you in touch with one of our 200+ authorised agents. While some of our agents don't offer a full Milltek supply and fitting service, the ones that do have been carefully vetted and trained to provide best-in-class services to any customer in the UK. If you're looking for a safe pair of hands, use our agent finder to locate your nearest technician.

Why Milltek Exhausts?

We work with a number of the industry's leading brands- including performance parts manufacturers like Akrapovic, Scorpion and Remus but we find ourselves recommending Milltek systems to an increasingly large proportion of the motoring enthusiasts that ask us to switch out their stock exhaust systems.

There are two main reasons for this: Firstly, the durability noted above. Milltek have a well-deserved reputation for producing some of the most hard-wearing aftermarket exhaust systems that money can buy, and they always design and build using top-quality materials.

We've been consistently impressed by their products, and we have no problem recommending them to the valued clients that trust us to tune their vehicles.

Secondly, versatility. Milltek manufacture a staggering array of cat- and turbo-back exhaust systems, silencers, large-bore downpipes and high-flow cats. They also manufacture a huge variety of refined and attractive exhaust tips and mounting kits which means that we can (almost) always find a configuration that suits your needs - and fit it to your vehicle with minimal difficulty.

Milltek Turbo-Back Exhaust Systems

If you're in the market for an upgraded exhaust system, you'll already know that turbo-back systems offer the most significant increase in engine performance. This is because the downpipe (between your engine's turbine and the rest of your exhaust) is normally the most restrictive part of the system.

A turbo-back system replaces your stock downpipe - and everything else replaced by shorter, cat-back performance exhaust systems. Turbo-back systems allow exhaust gasses to move away from your engine quickly; reducing combustion temperatures and improving the volumetric efficiency of your engine. They enhance the acoustics of your vehicle, and they also offer a significant bump to the overall performance of your engine.

Milltek's turbo-back exhaust systems are well-made and carefully optimised for maximum performance. They're also available in both resonated and non-resonated form factors which means that we'll always be able to deliver the balance of noise and power you're looking for.

Milltek Cat-Back Exhaust Systems

While they generally offer smaller performance gains, cat-back exhaust systems can significantly improve the noise your car emits; creating a deep, bassy rumble or a throaty purr depending - of course - on the exact make and model you choose.

Milltek cat-backs use a combination of finely-tuned baffles and silencers to create a refined sound that's significantly louder - and more aggressive - than your stock exhaust. We think they're some of the best-sounding exhausts on the market and we frequently recommend them to customers that are focused on

Need Help Finding The Right Milltek Exhaust?

Milltek have an extensive product catalogue that can be confusing and difficult to navigate. If you'd like impartial advice, get in touch. One of our technicians will be more than happy to help you work out what to pick - looking at the specifics of your make, model and desired outcome to pick a system that works for you.

We can also help you order and fit your system, remap your engine to take full advantage of the new power you've unlocked and explore options around other -equally high-impact - upgrades for your vehicle.