From Exhaust upgrades to uprated Intercoolers, between us here at Avon Tuning and the guys at Wagner Tuning we have you covered.

At Avon Tuning HQ, it really is a one stop Tuning shop. We can offer Wagner Tuning Exhausts, Intercoolers, Manifolds plus many more. These products are also available from many of our Authorised Agents across the country. Wagner Tuning have spent many years carrying out research and development into all the high end top quality products they offer. Their precision approach to design and functionality really does hold them high in the market today. German engineering, manufacturing and design meets the British market!

Is Wagner Tuning a good choice and suitable for my vehicle?

The short answer....yes! Not just for the reasons we have mentioned previously, but many more as well. Wagner Tuning products are available for 20 plus vehicle makes with their specialist field being the German manufacturer range from BMW to Mercedes to the VAG group. Their high quality craftsmanship and production is recognised by car enthusiast's and installers across the globe. The materials used are some of the finest available, always exceeding the quality of OE installed parts. Whether you are looking for an Intercooler to help with sustained and prolonged power delivery or an uprated exhaust system then these products will not disappoint.

Our new online shop will be broadcasting all available products for performance upgrades for all your vehicle related retail therapy fixes.

Here at Avon Tuning, Bristol HQ all Wagner Tuning products are available for phone order, web order or alternatively for a full Tuning package with a supply and fit basis. Our team of Technicians install with professionalism and care for you car the same as you would. Of course, this is matched with our Software Calibration team for all your Remapping needs. Simply get in touch today where we will be pleased to help build your project.