Where do we start...

Here at Avon Tuning we recently had the pleasure of performing one of our Tuning packages to a stunning Mercedes E63 S with the outrageous 4.0 Bi-Turbo 612HP engine. As stated, these engines already deliver a staggering 612HP not forgetting 850NM of Torque! This performance is put down by Mercedes state or the art 4WD system which some fans of the E63 were disappointed about however Mercedes did not fail to deliver the impressive "Drift Mode" which enables the driver to transform the drive train to the more traditional RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) setting - we just hope you have good life insurance when brave enough to engage!

With 0-60 times of around the 3.4 second mark this is not only impressive for a 4WD saloon but is also up there with some of the worlds best Supercars on the market today. The E63 S replaced its little sister, or even little brother should we say, the E63. The E63 was not that far behind though still producing an impressive 571HP and a whopping 750NM of Torque - not too shabby in our opinion.

How much did you say? - From new, around £100K!

What did we do?

The E63 S in question was a late 2017 model showing off in Designo Selenite Grey, owned by one of Avon Tuning's regular petrol heads - of course. As with most vehicles, it started life from the factory as your usual standard AMG spec. However the owner did not want to settle for the usual Stage 1, as mentioned he really is a keen petrol head. Instead, after some discussions, between us we decided to settle for an exhaust upgrade in the form of some De-Catted Downpipes supplied and fitted in house.

The exhaust upgrade in question had to be the SuperSprint kit removing both the left and right Primary AND Secondary CAT's. SuperSprint are worldwide renowned since 1955 for developing and producing handcrafted exhaust upgrades. This suits not only our own in house high standards and the performance needs by freeing up exhaust flow, but also produces incredible exhaust tone to please all car enthusiast's ears....the owner referred to it as like Mozart of the car world. Volume up and check out our video to the left!

What were the results?

After lots of in house Dyno testing, software calibration changes and some serious fuel used the results were an outstanding 731.2HP with an equally spectacular 1083.5NM of Torque.....not forgetting ear to ear smiles from our customer. You can see from the Dyno Graph our Stage 2 Tuning also made a dramatic difference in the mid range power band whilst still optimising a smooth power delivery in this 4WD racing machine.

If you have a Mercedes E63 S and would like to take advantage of one of our Tuning Packages from our supply and install service with performance upgrades or either simply our specialist Tuning on its own, contact us today where one of the team will be happy to discuss options to suit #PoweredByPrecision.