BMW Gearbox Remapping Available at Avon Tuning - XHP Flashtool

The ZF Gearbox fitted to the majority of BMW's and the software that is used can be somewhat frustrating to BMW owners across the globe. Here at Avon Tuning we offer BMW Gearbox Remapping for a vast range of ZF Gearboxes (6HP Gearbox variants and 8HP Gearbox variants) providing dramatic improvements in behaviour and performance. To provide this service, we work with XHP Flashtool who are known worldwide in being the best for BMW gearbox Remaps.

A BMW Gearbox Remap compliments an Engine ECU Remap greatly. Weather you are opting for a Stage 1, Stage 2 or even Stage 3 ECU Remap then this service will work hand in hand with your engines new performance levels.

What improvements will I get from the Gearbox Remap?

This is one of the most commons questions we get asked regarding Remapping of these ZF boxes. There are major calibrations carried out to the stock TCU (Transmission Control Unit) software providing great additional benefits to the somewhat simplified factory software. A XHP Flashtool Gearbox Remap boasts many advantages which, including but not limited too, we will list below;

  • Kickdown delete
  • Raised Torque Limiters (Compliments vehicles even more so that have had an Engine ECU Remap)
  • Modified shift points
  • Reduced shift time
  • Gear Display in Dash in D/S/M Modes on most models
  • Calibrated Shift Strategy for up/downhill driving
  • Optimized Warmup Behaviour
  • Launch control (Available for some of the later 8HP Gearboxes)

Above is just some of the features that improve your BMW Gearbox. There are 3 different Stages of an XHP Flashtool Remap depending on you and your vehicle. Stage 1 is for vehicles and drivers who are set up for the more fuel economic way of driving but still enjoy some spirited driving when the need and desire takes. Stage 2 and 3 are for the performance lovers out there who are focused on gaining the most they can from both the Engine and Transmission.

Want to benefit from an XHP Flashtool Remap for your BMW? As long as you have your chassis number handy you can check your vehicles compatibility using the following link - - You can then get in touch with one of our team who can provide a quotation and discuss availability. Dont have your chassis number to hand? No problems at all, Contact Us today and we will do all the hard work for you!