Case Study: BMW M3 2016 Stage 2 Remap with Akrapovic Downpipe upgrade and CAT back system

One of our most recent projects we had the pleasure of completing from start to finish was a Stage 2 package on an incredible 2016 F80 BMW M3. We installed a full Akrapovic exhaust system which included the DP-BM/SS/3 Downpipe kit, the E-BM/T/3 link pipe and not forgetting the stunning CAT back Slip-On Line Titanium M-BM/T/8H. The Downpipe kit is the key part of this Stage 2 Tuning package as the standard CAT system is too restrictive when pushing for maximum performance which the S55 engines are so capable of unleashing.

Although the performance benefit of this upgrade is massive, the transformation of the sound is equally as impressive - especially when combined with the beautifully crafted CAT back Slip-On Line Titanium system. The results are phenomenal creating an enhanced exhaust note with a deep and satisfying roar. With all their exhaust systems, Akrapovic manage to create the perfect balance in the sound delivery whilst keeping unsought cabin noise at bay.

As you can see from the above Dyno Graph and Data sheet, our Stage 2 Remap delivered impressive delta gains with an additional 78.6 hp and boasting an extra 172.3 nm of Torque. The mid range power band also received an impressive increase whilst sustaining a smooth power delivery throughout with the aggression you would expect from these awesome engines.

Does this Stage 2 Tuning package suit you?

From supply to installation to in house tuning, Avon Tuning have you covered. Please see below example RRP prices correct at time of publication;

Akrapovic DP-BM/SS/3 Downpipe kit= £1073.02 + VAT

Akrapovic E-BM/T/3 link pipe= £1521.45 + VAT

Akrapovic CAT back Slip-On Line Titanium M-BM/T/8H= £2375.12 + VAT

Other options include different tip selection, diffuser options and Akrapvoic sound kit, P.O.A

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