When you hear "BMW" some might jump straight to the old wives tale that BMW drivers never use their indicators...........when we hear BMW our thoughts jump straight to a Remap!

BMW have been around since 1913, albeit not immediately producing vehicles as we know them today. The original company started out producing engines to power Aircrafts! From here they then moved onto something we are more familiar with coming from BMW, Motorcycle engines! 1928 saw it become a car manufacturer with its first model being the 3/15. 

Fast forward to current times and we arrive at the BMW we know and love. BMW have excelled over the years in becoming one of the best "all angle" premium car brands. From their luxury saloons to their practical hatchbacks, not forgetting the all power supplying M range. The guys really know how to give the wow factor with each new release....they are quickly becoming our favourite to Tune! We love Remapping BMW's and can offer a wide range of services to suit.

Remapping for your Petrol BMW;

Whilst BMW have their petrol range down to a T, there's always room for improvement. Like most modern day vehicle manufacturers, BMW apply "Modular Manufacturing" across much of the range. Modular Manufacturing is a cost saving exercise which allows fewer production lines by fitting the same engine and components to a model but applying different "end software" or "power variants" for different model versions. As for the big power stuff....well like we said, there's always room for improvement and you can never have too much power now can you. Every petrol BMW can have a Stage 1 Remap which requires no modifications, however for all you performance hunters out there you can always take advantage of our Stage 2 and above Tuning packages. From Intercoolers to Exhaust systems and all upgrades/modifications in between we can create an in-house Tuning package to suit.

Check out the following small selection of some of the Remaps we offer - BMW 118i, BMW M140i, BMW M3, BMW M5,

Remapping for your Diesel BMW;

Diesel BMW's are renowned for their awesome Torque they produce, and that's before a Remap! Did you know when you Remap a Diesel BMW you can actually achieve anywhere from 5% to 25% better MPG...how you say? Whilst some believe this is a form of witchcraft and wizardry it's actually more logical than you might think. When your BMW has a Remap one of the end benefits is additional Torque (usually measured in NM/Newton Metres). The additional Torque means you can achieve the same driving but using the additional Torque means the engine is working less hard, less hard=less fuel. 

Here's some Diesel models for you to see - BMW 116D, BMW 120D, BMW 335D, BMW 420D, BMW M550D