Das Auto!

.....is actually a thing of the past. While most petrol heads and VW lovers out there will still associate the slogan "Das Auto" with Volkswagen, the German car company have in recent years changed their slogan to the less remembered "Play or Get Played". 

Slogans aside, Volkswagen AG is part of the Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG for short) with its German heritage from around 1937. VW started its main production with the iconic model known as the Beetle. This was intended to be the "peoples car" produced as an economy way of owning a motor vehicle in the times it was considered as a luxury if you owned a set of wheels.

VW has a German engineering and manufacturing bloodline historically famous for their reliability across the brand and still introducing some impressive performance hatchbacks - most iconically the Volkswagen Golf

Where does Avon Tuning come into this? Well, like Volkswagen, we also have a passion for performance and precision building our reputation for offering high quality Remapping on German vehicles for over 10 years. Whether you are looking for a Stage 1 Remap on a VW Transporter or a Tuning package for your VW Golf we have you covered - here at HQ, Bristol.

Remapping your Diesel VW

Volkswagen quite arguably produce some of the most popular Diesel vehicles on the market today with them producing a large percentage of Diesel vehicles currently on the road. More is always better as they say and in the case of a Remap on a VW Diesel, what can be achieved? MORE Power (bhp/hp), MORE Torque (nm) and MORE Fuel savings (mpg)! With a Tune from us not only will you see these benefits but you will also experience a much improved driving experience in several areas. We often get asked on some variants "why is there such a power increase"? Not only by our careful calibration of the vehicles software, in some cases a helping hand from a popular method by car manufacturers called "Modular Manufacturing". This is where the same engine and components are installed into the same model of car but then introduced as different "power" variants meaning all can be Remapped the same as the highest model.

Take a look at some examples of this here - VW Golf 1.6 CR TDi 90hp, VW Golf 1.6 CR TDi 105hp, VW Golf 1.6 CR TDi 110hp, VW Transporter 2.0 CR TDi 84hp, VW Transporter 2.0 CR TDi 102hp, 

Remapping your Petrol VW

A Remap for a Petrol VW is ever increasingly popular for many reasons. Whilst Volkswagen deliver some awesome Petrol engines across the TSi and TFSi ranges to name a few, they also have great scope for some Avon Tuning attention. As above with the Modular Manufacturing method, this also applies to the Petrol range from VW but still these pokey engines leave us room to go further. A Stage 1 Remap totally transforms your VW however for the Petrol heads out there you can take advantage of our Stage 2 and above Tuning packages which compromises of all aspects from Exhaust systems, Intercooler upgrades, Cold Air Intake systems and much much more. Of course, our performance partners are exclusively only world class upgrade manufactures for your modification needs.

Here's some Petrol VW Remap examples - VW Golf 2.0 GTi, VW Golf R, VW Polo GTi, VW Transporter 2.0 TSi