McLaren's new Senna has broken cover

Simon Hacker says other colours are available.

If you're booking Easyjet for Geneva's Show in March, save the cash: we've already got the gen on McLaren's sensational new Senna.

Q What, ANOTHER new McLaren - where will this madness end?

Never, never I tell you, not before the pride of Surrey dances on the grave of inferior supercar brands, ie all of them (fades into maniac laughter while stroking an expensive cat).

Q So why did they develop this one?

Best ask the 500 customers who've already paid up. Yes, all examples of the Senna are spoken for already. Maybe they were attracted to the Senna's strapline: "McLaren's most powerful-ever internal combustion engine in a road car." Oh, and it's their "ultimate road-legal track car".

Q Dare we ask how much?

Let's not lower the tone. This isn't a Vauxhall forecourt, you know. McLaren makes bespoke hand-built inspiration, selling cars is for mortals. Your people talk to their people. Well, from £750,000 a pop, if you even were able to buy one. On the good news front, Martin Lewis will be pleased to hear that the rear-view parking camera and sensors are no-cost options.

Q What would I be getting?

A car that makes the philosophy and mindset of Ayrton Senna flesh. Or carbon fibre. And attached to that monocoque tub, some of the most gobsmacking statistics this side of Elon Musk's subconscious. Zero to 124mph in 6.8... zero to 62mph in 2.8. All out to 211mph. The lightest roadcar (1,198kg) since the iconic McLaren F1... a power-to-weight ratio of 659bhp per tonne. With 789bhp underfoot, this twin turbo four-litre V8 produces 800kg of downforce (active aero front and back not optional).

Q And the Senna badge, it's all about McLaren's CV?

Of course, but bear in mind McLaren's focus resides on a level that invites clinical diagnosis, so it's perfectly aligned with the mindset of Senna himself. In fact, McLaren subtitles the Senna with a choice quote from the man himself: "You commit yourself to such a level where there is no compromise. You give everything you have; everything, absolutely everything."

Q What makes it tick?

Fantasy league stuff: the M840TR V8 features a flat-plane crankshaft, race-inspired dry sump lubrication and lightweight connecting rods and pistons to reduce mass in the powertrain. Ultra-low inertia twin-scroll turbochargers and electronically-controlled wastegates give an immediate sense of retardation, McLaren says, enhancing responsiveness. Lightweight camshafts and pistons and externally repositioned dump valves also feature.

Q And the soundtrack?

This engine produces 700Nm (516lb ft) from just 3,000rpm, with peak torque of 800Nm (590lb ft) available from 5,500-6,700rpm. 800PS (789bhp) peak power comes at 7,250rpm. All of which, translates into a rather nice trill via the titanium exhaust. The sound says McLaren, "is loud and sharp, singing like a motorcycle race engine in its ferocity and quite different to other McLarens... volume increasing with 10dB for every 2,000rpm, climbing right through to the engine's rev limit."

Q Do you need to be a pro to drive it?

Not likely. McLaren makes shockingly user-friendly road cars. You'll be helped by a dual-clutch, seamless-shift, seven-speed gearbox delivering power to the rear wheels. The default transmission mode is fully automatic, but you can select full manual control of gear shifts via the Active Dynamics Panel located within the centrally-mounted screen and change gear using elongated, carbon fibre paddles.

Q And that colour, is grey only?

Other shades are available, with Five 'By McLaren' specifications: Stealth Cosmos black, Trophy Kyanos blue, Trophy Mira orange, Vision Pure white and Vision Victory grey exterior paint is complemented in each specification by front aero blades, front fender inners and brake callipers.